Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Due to Georgia’s abnormally sunny winter, wardrobe around campus is equally un-winter like. But this is far from a complaint, because it makes for better style and variety. When winter rolls around I’m never in a rush to pack up all of my summer clothing because summer clothing can easily be converted into a winter wardrobe. This Fashionista is a clear example on how to tastefully combine both seasons. She paired a summer floral sundress with modern cowboy boots. And to polish the look, Adashia added a nude fedora. She effortlessly mixed girly with western to create a chic yet versatile look. Her pink cardigan adds great color and comfort to the outfit. It's easy to put together this look. Take a nice floral dress and add a cardigan, or even a jean jacket if you want to switch it up. To define your waist add a belt that complements your boots, as Adashia did. She definitely gave this unpredictable weather a run for its money, in style.
Name: Adashia Harding
Major: Mathematics
Year: Junior
CollegeFashionista: What inspires your style daily?
Adashia Harding: I usually am inspired by my mood. My mood really effect the way I dress. I love to mix and match styles to create a great look.
CF: If you won a thousand dollar shopping spree, where would be the first place you go?
AH: Forever 21. I can get so many cute outfits and accessories for great prices. They always have the best buys.
CF:  Summer or winter wardrobe? Why?
AH: Winter. It is always fun to accessorize and mix seasons, and I love boots!

Style On,

Kiara Brown

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