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Vintage clothing is my favorite trend and has been for a long time. It’s my favorite because it can be very inexpensive and a fun time shopping. I went through my mom's old clothes that were stored in the attic and found great things from the '70s and '80s. Thrift stores and vintage consignment shops are the best place to go if your looking to shop on a budget and want a vintage yet stylish and trendy look. The best thing about thrifting is there is a very low chance that someone else will have your outfit. The worst mistake of shopping in a thrift store is going in looking for something in specific. You will almost never find the same cute blouse you saw in the store a week ago. Shopping in consignment and thrift stores also makes your wardrobe unique. This Fashionista displays thrifting wonderfully with her vintage paisley printed bow blouse.
Name: Chari Chin-Young
Major: Premed Psychology
Year: Junior
CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your outfit?
Chari Chin-Young: Vintage funky royal purple and gold print. This blouse is very special to me because its similar to a Versace '80s print and already attached is a one of a kind bow tie. I love this blouse because it was inexpensive and it is from my favorite place of all time: the thrift store!
CF: What is your most go-to item in your closet and why?
CCY: I absolutely love, love, love bow ties and handkerchiefs, simply because I love male fashion.
CF: What new spring trends have you seen and like? Will you be following any this year?
CCY: Accessory overload, meaning tons of unique bracelets with vibrant colors, and funny shaped hand ring. Yes I will be following this trend because I strongly believe that accessories can make your outfit fabulous! I am also in love with hair jewelry!
CF: Spring Break is around the corner! What are your Spring Break must-haves? 
CCY: My Spring Break must-have is confidence, because if you lack it you won’t ever feel excited or happy. Remember you make the clothes, the clothes don’t make you. So go out and have fun! Show off your radiant personality this Spring Break.
How To: Like I stated earlier, thrifting is fun but you can’t find the same item twice. Luckily, I am sure you can find a top that is similar to this one in a retail store. So, if you are not up for the thrifting (it can be time consuming) then J.Crew has a similar paisley printed blouse. Any neutral color pant would look great. Add flats or even booties and your look is complete.
Style On,

Kiara Brown

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